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Trim Winder For Slitting Machine

Trim Winder For Slitting Machine

Trim Winder

Product ID: FDS-V

Designed to wind and collect the edge trim during slitting machine processes.

  • The Trim Winder is driven by a vector motor and inverter, providing synchronous motion with the slitting machine.
  • Equipped 3" winding air shaft for easy unloading.
  • The left and right movement of trimming guider is using the Germany made slide screw, it is more efficient and safety than using the liner guider.
  • Equipped with pneumatic dancing roller unit, the winding tension could be adjusted.
  • Rewinding speed auto control function.
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Specifications FDS-V500 Trim Winder
Paper Core inner Diameter [mm] 76 / 3"
Winding Diameter [mm] 300 [max.]
Paper Core Length [mm] 500 [max.]
Mechanical Speed [m/min.] 0-300

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Contact:Alan Ho
Address:26, 7th Road, Taichung Industrial Park Taichung Taiwan (ZIP Code 40755)