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Sealing and Cutting Machine - One Step

Sealing and Cutting Machine - One Step

Sealing and Cutting Machine

Product ID: FSC-301 / FSC-501

    • The machine is ideal for the bottom sealing and cutting operation of poly bags.

  • For PVC shrink labels, paper and various plastic sheet cutting.
  • Unwinding Section
    • Replaceable unwind shaft is suited for five-claw coreless and 3" paper core.
    • The AC motor driven unwind dancing roller unit for auto speed varied and assures that the most stable web feeding even under high speed operation.
  • Bottom Sealing Section
    • One-step bottom sealer designed, both upper and lower sealing embossing plates assures the sealing quality.
    • Bottom sealer auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stop. (Patent No.42360)
    • Skip seal function: the bag’s length can reach to 9 times of feeding.
    • Equipped with microprocessor PID temperature controllers which can provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance.
  • Cutting Section
    • The cutting length is accurately controlled by servo motor incorporated with photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed.
  • Micro Computer Control System
    • Auto counting function.
    • Accumulative recording function.
    • Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Center folding unwind stand.
    • Pneumatic puncher.
    • Date & code printer.
    • Zigzag cutter.
    • Rewind perforation device.
    • Rewinding device.
    • Products conveyer.
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SpecificationsFSC-301 (501) Sealing and Cutting Machine
Cutting Width [mm] 30-300 (30-500)
Material Diameter [mm] [max.] 700
Unwind Inner Diameter [mm] 76 / 3" or 300mm Five-claw coreless
Cutting Length [mm] 50-400
Mechanical Speed [bags/min.] 30-130
Feeding Speed [m/min.] [max.] 30 (28)
Other Sealing and Cutting Machine
Contact Detail
Contact:Alan Ho
Address:26, 7th Road, Taichung Industrial Park Taichung Taiwan (ZIP Code 40755)