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Bag Making Machine For Center Seal Bag / Gusset Bag / Four Side Seal Bag

Bag Making Machine For Center Seal Bag / Gusset Bag / Four Side Seal Bag

Bag Making Machine

Product ID: FKSC-V
FKSC-V Bag Shape
The FKSC Bag Making Machine is designed for sealable multi-layer materials or co-extrusion films such as laminates of Polyester, BOPP, and CPP...This machine is ideal for the production of center seal bag, side gusset bag, four side sealing bag, etc.

Series Models:
FKSC-V500 Bag Making Machine

Bag Making Machine For Center Seal Bag / Gusset Bag / Four Side Seal Bag

  • Main Mechanism
    • Main drive servo motor: Providing the constant sealing time even cutting speed varied. This mechanism reduces the lost of material greatly.
    • Two feeding servo motor: The bag length is accurately controlled by servo motor upgrading production speed.
    • Outer transmission mechanism: Compared with inner transmission mechanism, the structure of brand-new outer transmission mechanism is much simple and eases to maintenance.
    • Two side gusseting methods: unwind gusseting device and middle gusseting unit using depends on the material characteristics.
  • Bag Making Machine Capability
    • One machine can produce various bags such as center seal bag, side gusset bag, four side seal bag...
  • Unwind Section
    • Horizontal unwind stand and 3" air shaft. Single operator is required to load the parent roll.
    • Unwind gusseting device: Only 3 pieces of mold plate are required to produce whole depth of gusseting.
    • Equipped with web guiding system (edge) which assured the accuracy of gusseting and sealing position.
    • The constant unwind tension is achieved by using tension auto controller (diameter calculating type) and magnetic powder brake.
    • Equipped with material running out alarm device to prevent the effect of material broke.
  • Pulling Stand And Micro Location Offset Tension Control System
    • The movement of new dancing roller unit is controlled by two separate air pressure cylinders. According to the setting value, the system will detect and adjust the tension via change the feeding length of servo motor automatically. It is designed to provide the most stable tension during bag making machine running.
  • Center Sealing Section
    • The latest development of center sealer auto descending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stop.
    • Equipped with middle gusset forming unit, gusset heater and gusset cooler.
  • Bottom Sealing Section
    • Bottom sealer *3 and bottom cooler *1, each sealing position can be pressed twice with different temperatures. It improves the sealing quality and upgrades the production speed.
    • Bottom sealer auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stopped. (Patent No.42360)
    • Each bottom sealing unit can replace embossing plate with silicon plate; the operator can change the sealing arrangement for actual demand.
  • Temperature Control System
    • Microprocessor PID temperature controllers work with SSR (solid state relay). The system can process once communication control in 2 seconds which provides the most accurate and fastest heating performance.
    • Temperature upper and lower limit alarm: the operator can alter the range of limit and auto stop function.
  • Cutter
    • Newest cutter unit with easy adjustment and durable structure. The cutter unit can adjust the position from single side or whole unit moves front and rear.
    • The machine employs a contrast scanner combined with a servo system for accurate positioning. It not only eliminates repetitive error on sealing position but also provides high cutting accuracy.
  • Man-Machine Interface Controller of FKSC-V Bag Making Machine
    • The automation man-machine system collocates with high-quality MES mechanical and electrical integrated controller. LCD colorful touch screen; Simple figure display for setting.
    • Operation parameters could be saved in system such as cutting speed, pieces, length, temperatures etc...Parameters auto saving function when power failure happened.
    • Intuitional malfunction detects system: monitor items include motors, inventors, control box communications, punchers, sensors, sealing temperatures etc... and the abnormal position will display on LCD directly. It is very convenient for operators to obviate the malfunction immediately.
  • Optional Accessories
    • Pneumatic punching device.
    • Flat center sealing device.
    • Zigzag cutter.
    • Bottom "k" shape sealing mold.
    • Product conveyer.
    • Air chiller.

Bag Making Machine For Center Seal Bag/ Gusset Bag/ Four Side Seal Bag Video

Bag Making Machine For Center Seal Bag / Gusset Bag / Four Side Seal Bag Video
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SpecificationsFKSC-V500 Bag Making Machine
Material Width (mm) 200 - 1,250
Material Diameter (mm)(max.) 600
Bag Length (mm)(Max. 1,200mm skip-seal production) 30 - 400
Bag Width (mm) 75 - 500
Mechanical Speed (bags/min.) 10 - 150
Feeding Speed (m/min.) (max.) 35
Production Line Center seal bag 1 Lanes
Production Line Side gusset bag 1 Lanes
Production Line Four side seal bag 1 lane
Bag Making Machine Showroom
Contact Detail
Contact:Alan Ho
Address:26, 7th Road, Taichung Industrial Park Taichung Taiwan (ZIP Code 40755)